Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12POLYFORM US FENDERS POLYFORM US F SERIES Classic twin-eye F series fenders. Designed for the most demanding use Polyform has been producing this fender for over 40 years and there is no comparison when it comes to quality, range of sizes and protection offered. The F Series fender has offered protection to the finest yachts and fishing vessels all over the world. Unique vinyl valve seals securely Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability Multiple ribbed reinforced rope holds Twin-eye design for vertical or horizontal use Product Code (White) Diameter x length Eye Diameter: F-1 51012 6 x 24in 15.2 x 61cm 1.8cm F-02 51014 7.5 x 26in 19.1 x 66cm 1.8cm F-2 51016 8.2 x 25in 20.8 x 63.5cm 2.3cm F-3 51018 8.2 x 30in 20.8 x 76.2cm 2.3cm F-4 51020 8.5 x 40.5in 21.6 x 102.9cm 2.3cm F-5 51022 11 x 30in 27.9 x 76.2cm 2.5cm F-6 51024 11 x 42in 27.9 x 106.7cm 2.5cm F-7 51026 15 x 41in 38.1 x 104.1cm 2.5cm F-8 51028 15 x 58in 38.1 x 147.3cm 2.5cm F-10 51030 18 x 50in 45.7 x 127cm 2.5cm F-11 51032 21.2 x 57.5in 53.8 x 146.1cm 2.7cm F-13 51034 29 x 76.5in 73.7 x 194.3cm 3.0cm * Standard Colours & Codes - F-5 and larger white only 1. White with blue eyes code without decimal 2. Blue with blue eyes add 0.2 3. Black with black eyes add 0.3 4. Cobalt blue with blue eyes add 0.4 Note: When inflating with an air compressor, set the psi to 2 lbs. pressure F-1 F-6 F-02 F-7 F-2 F-8 F-3 F-10 F-4 F-11 F-5 F-13 Standard Colours* White with blue eyes Blue with blue eyes All Black Cobalt blue with blue eyes See 2016 Meridian Catalogue for Polyform CM series, CC series, LD buoys and Dock Guards. 06 POLYFORM US FENDERS