Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12ODDS AND ENDS A few nuggets Telephone +44 (0)1268 493 200 Fax +44 (0)1268 543 439 • Easy to use - just slip over your anchor line when ready to raise anchor • Can be used with any size buoy P20 Aerosol Spray 10 hours of sun protection from a single application. Extraordinarily water resistant P20 is ideal for water sports and is not available as a continuous spray. Spray upside down or right side up. 14166 P20 Spray 20 SPF 14169 P20 Spray 30 SPF 41085 Anchor Ring Alderney Ring Anchor Retrieval Anchor Ring anchor retrieval is designed for offshore applications where longer lengths of anchor chain are common. Our Anchor Ring has been specifically engineered to offer exceptional performance and value to boaters. Once you have used our Anchor Ring anchor retrieval, you will never want to go back to hauling your anchor by hand again. Key Features of Anchor Ring Anchor Retrieval • Can lift up to 80 lb anchor systems, depending on the capacity of the buoy • Stainless steel ring – add a shackle to the ring and short line to the buoy • Designed for anchor lines rigged with more than 15 feet of chain 09982 Leatherman Z Rex Safety webbing cutter, tungsten carbide glass breaker, 1/4” hex bit driver and Leatherman quality make the Z Rex indispensible safety gear. Feldten Gelcoat Sealer Cutting edge nano technological treatment of all gelcoat surfaces above the wateline; now available in 1 Litre as well as 250ml versions. 08509 Gelcoat Sealer 250ml 08510 Gelcoat Sealer 1.0 Litre 12 inch Octahedral Ball Radar Reflector ISAF rules approve this simple 12inch Octahedral ball radar refelctor. Packs flat and aviailable with an optional mount with standard 1”-14 thread. 38004 Octahedral Ball 12inch 38156 Nylon Mount Shurhold Flotation Sleeves Make your handle float. The neoprene sleeve also protects your surfaces from scratches and dings. 07026 Sleeve for 6ft Handle 07027 Sleeve for 9ft Handle 07028 Sleeve for 60in Handle 19mm Green Bilge Hose A size additon to our range of water hoses. 53289 19mm Green Bilge Hose 28mm Medium Black Bilge Hose A size addition to our range of water hoses. This bilge hose is a medium duty hose. 53282 28mm Black Bilge Hose 83263 Windex AV Wind Vane for whip antenna. Reduce masthead clutter, weight and windage aloft with this 15" vane that installs onto antennas with a whip diameter less than 1/8" (3mm). Includes 15" vane, reflective tacking arms and hardware. Antenna not included. 09 15067 Baltic Aqua Buoyancy Aid The Aqua is an entry level 50N buoyancy aid manufactured in Sweden by Baltic. It is easy to put on and sung-fitting. Fastened by a secure, easily adjustable waist band, it features elasticated side panels, top and bottom ties and a D- ring for an emergency switch lanyard. White only. 15067.1 Small - 30 to 50kg (VAT free) 15067.2 Medium - 50 to 70kg 15067.3 Large - 70 to 90kg 15067.4 XLarge - 90kg+