Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp Cv Hp 16 INCLUDED Removable side chambers Adjustable inflatable seats Boston valves Drain plug Double I-beam floor Carry handles HUDSONTM 2000014708 Broad shape offering excellent stability Boston, Mini Boston and Mini Double Lock valves for easy inflation and deflation Easy Inflation Manometer: check pressure easily during inflation Highly effective drainage system Integrated spray decks at bow and stern 3 fabric-covered, adjustable seats with high backrests and inflatable sitting area Removable seats - easily turn the kayak into a 1-person version Removable fin and welded on directional strakes for excellent manoeuvrability 4 ergonomic carry handles for easy transportation Sturdy and durable polyester hull Replaceable PVC side chambers Replaceable PVC floor chamber with double I-beam construction for extra stability PVC coated, fabric-reinforced bottom shell for rigidity and protection Roomy and comfortable, the Hudson™ is perfect for a family day out touring along sheltered coastline or on inland waters. This sporty kayak not only looks great but also offers great performance and space for two adults and one child. Stable and comfortable, the Hudson™ offers easy tracking, with directional strakes and removable fins to add to its manoeuvrability. Carry bag, Easy Inflation Manometer, removable fin, a repair kit and owner’s manual. 374 x 89 cm 17.7 kg 2 1 210 kg 3 ISO 6185-1 III, B Meridian Code 14910 RECOMMENDED OPTIONS Paddles are not included with product. BRAVO 4 15141 K-PERF230 - 14738 M019_Sevylor_2018_f1.indd 16 28/12/2017 10:57